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Lost 72lbs. in 1 year; decreased body fat 12%


From my experience in working with Emily as a professional trainer, her background in figure skating and her continued academic passion in her present field have brought a world knowledge and charisma to her as a personal trainer.  This makes her stand out from the rest.  Emily was always very professional and very thorough and methodical in the designing of nutrition, cardio, weight training and core programs.  Every program she designed was fully explained and executed to meet your needs and to strengthen your limitations so that you would meet those goals without overexertion, and be able to continue onto the next level. 

Emily always came into work professionally dressed and ready with a smile on her face, with enthusiasm that made you want to work out.  Emily has a friendly and confident nature about her, and always took the time to write down and explain the various exercises until you understood them completely.  Emily is a highly motivated trainer, and this shows in her positive and supportive nature whether she is consulting or training a past or present client.  She was always prepared in her sessions and could reorganize the routine to meet your changing needs.  She always made sure you understood your mistake as well so you wouldn’t make it again through corrective action.  If Emily didn’t know the answer to a concern or felt further assessment was needed, the appropriate authority was consulted on your behalf or you were referred to the appropriate authority yourself.  Emily really cares about you as a whole person, not just as a client. She was always very accommodating with schedule changes or last minute questions as well. 

Emily has been a pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to work hard, see results, and keep those results because she will give you the knowledge to reach your goals and continue onto the next level safely yourself. 

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