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Lost 15lbs in 5 months. Increased strength, flexibility and achieved muscle definition.


I was in desperate need of a trainer who was willing to work with me given my herniated discs and bad knees.  When I met spoke with Emily (via phone), she insisted on a consultation first so she could completely understand all of my previous injuries and limitations.  Emily was so pleasant and really seemed to enjoy her job.  Not to mention, she really seemed concerned about my injuries and creating a program so that I could still benefit from a great workout with aggravating my injuries.

Most of my sessions were at 6am, and Emily was always on time with a smile on her face.  She had everything all prepared and she was ready to go. She began by explaining every exercise we would do that session and the benefit.  I appreciated that fact that she explained how important my form was as I did various exercises.  She would often place me in front of a mirror so I could see exactly what she was talking about.  I love the fact that Emily varied up our workouts, so I never got bored. There were days when I was tired or just wanted to give up, but Emily was very patient and encouraging. At the time, I was also traveling a lot, so Emily suggested I purchase tension bands to take with me and gave me exercises to do on the road.  After every session, Emily wrote down and gave me a copy of every exercise we did and asked if I had any questions.

Even after I moved out of town, Emily continued to check on my progress.  Thank you, Emily for all your help, encouragement and that extra push.  Anyone that hires you is truly getting the best.  I wish you must success.

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