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Lost 47lbs in 47 weeks & decreased 10.7% in body fat; won age group in a 5K race; significant improvement in flexibility cardiovascular endurance, and golf game!


My training experience with Emily started on my 59th birthday.  My career as a construction worker left me with shoulder and lower back problems.  I had lost most of the range of motion in my shoulder and realized I needed professional help.  During my fitness assessment, Emily and I set some short and long term goals.  I had always thought my shoulder and back would be a problem for the rest of my life, but after a few weeks with Emily, I noticed a lot of improvement.   I was regaining the range of motion in my shoulder and hips and my back was feeling better each day.  

Emily designed a cardio and weight training program to meet my specific needs.  Two of my long term goals were to lose and to compete in a 5k road race on a very hilly course in Bloomington IN.  I knew this would take a serious commitment from me, but Emily always shad a way of making each workout fun.  Her enthusiasm and positive attitude always made even the toughest workouts enjoyable.  

I have lost 47lbs in 47 weeks, and my golf game has improved dramatically thanks to Emily’s flexibility exercises.  No more shoulder pain, no more back pain.  Golf is fun again! I ran the 5k race and actually won my age group.  When I first started going to the gym, I had no idea what I was doing.  I was worried about actually doing more harm than good to myself.  I needed some direction.  I needed a plan, someone who could motivate me and give me the confidence I needed to reach my goals.  I needed  to reach my goals.  I needed someone who cares about her clients and who shows genuine excitement when they reach their goals.  I needed someone I could trust and believe in.  I needed Emily Caldwell.

If you are serious about changing your life and getting more out of every minute than don’t hesitate.  You have an opportunity to work with a true professional.  Thanks for everything Emily.  You’re the best! 

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