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Growth Mindset- Who do you want to become?

I hear statements like this all the time from my potential clients:

"I am not a runner, I just run a little (not that fast) 3-4 days a week"

"I am not a swimmer, I just swim twice a week"

"I am not fit"

"I am unhealthy"

"I am just lazy"

"I am not coordinated"

"I have never been athletic"

First- lets start with, these are not DEFINING TRAITS, it is not WHO YOU ARE. It's the same concept that I try to reinforce with my children when they royally mess up, "you did something bad; you made a bad choice, but you are not a bad person".

If you run, bike, swim, walk, hike, etc. on a consistent basis, then YES, you are a runner, cyclist, swimmer, walker, hiker ... you don't have to run a marathon or climb Mount Everest to be these things.

If you play sports recreationally (pickle ball, tennis, golf, Frisbee, softball, etc), then you are a recreational athlete.

Instead of saying "I am unhealthy or "out of shape"- switch to "I am working towards becoming healthy" or "fit".

Who do you want to become?

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