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National Card Playing Day: 4 Card Games for you and your family!

Have some fun while getting a little workout and enjoying a game of cards!!! Play on your own, grab a buddy or group of friends and go!

  1. Beginner: for every cared remaining in your stock pile or tableau that you are unable to move to the foundation perform a corresponding exercise to each remaining card.

  2. Advanced: Every time you flip a card from you stock pike & cannot play it in your tableau or foundation, perform a corresponding exercise.

  1. Beginner: The loser of a “war battle” performs an exercise for each card that the your opponent collects from the battle.

  2. Advanced: Follow the beginner rules, but also do an exercise for each card taken by your opponent.

  1. Beginner: At the end of a round perform an exercise for each card remaining in your stock pile.

  2. Advanced: Follow the beginner rules, but also perform an exercise corresponding with the card you put in your discard pile IF you were unable to play a card (in your hand or from your stock pile) in a building pile.

  1. Beginner: If you are not able to make a phase in a hand, you must do the corresponding exercises for each remaining card (and still collect your points).

  2. Advanced: Follow beginner rules, but also an exercise every tie someone “hits” (plays a card) on one of your piles. Do an exercise corresponding with the card added to your pile.

The number of repetitions coincide with the color card you have (examples below):

red 5 = 5 Jumping Jax

green 11 = 15s plank

blue 9 = 20 steps skip = 25 burps

wild = 25 GDGU


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