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National Meatball Day 2023

I have been really trying to make new things, so I again stepped outside of my comfort zone & opted to make a few different types of meatball recipes!

Greek Turkey Meatballs (by Skinnytaste)

I loved these actually served over zoodles, or on their own as an appetizer. I even ended up even eating them for breakfast when I was in a hurry one day & they were perfect! Just make sure you make the tzatziki sauce early, it takes a little while to strain, and it also needs time to chill!

We have been having a lot of chicken wings lately, and I wanted something a little healthier, and I was pleasantly surprised with these! I have never cooked with ground chicken before, its a little messy to roll (having a little bowl of water as recommended by Monique was helpful). But we will definitely be having these again!

I couldn't get enough of these! It took me a little bit longer because, lets face it, my 9 year old has better knife skills than me & I struggled with peeling the mango as well. I added a little bit of coconut cream (because I was just shy on coconut milk), and it was phenomenal.

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