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National Old Suff Day

What, does Old Stuff have to do with health and fitness?

1. Well, if you are like me, when you PROCRASTINATE you may resort to cleaning, sorting and organizing. It's not just avoidance, it is cathartic and productive... well, it can be- at the right time, NOT when you have other priorities that should take place first. Today would be a good day to start getting out with the old!

2. Free your mind. When you have less clutter you feel better. Want to talk about truly cathartic- letting go of things tied to bad memories, or that discourage you. Improve your focus and your mindset by getting rid of things you don't need around any more!

3. Time management. This is one of the biggest obstacles my clients face when it comes to fitting in their workouts or recreational activities. I don't have enough time. Well- getting rid of the old stuff, organizing, and keeping a system to maintain it will improve your efficiency and give you more time! Another HUGE SECRET: delegate!

Tips for Tossing Old Stuff:

  1. Start with only one room, closet or pantry per day

  2. Have you used it in the last year?

  3. Does it have sentimental or monetary value?

  4. Is it broken, damaged, stained? (Label it with a date within the week or month and get rid of it if you don't fix it)

  5. Do you have multiples? (I had 3 blenders & 2 coffee pots to donate!)

  6. Does it enhance your life or make it better in any way, or does it get in the way?

  7. Limit yourself to a certain number of shelves and storage bins for keepsakes, kids toys, or "some day" projects". It gets tricky towards the end when you have to negotiate items with yourself, but it is a great boundary set up for yourself right away.

  8. Ask someone you trust to help you. When I had my second baby, I had a couple of friends come over, they brought me a margarita, and we made 3 piles: need, want, and go. I mean, they gave me a reality check I needed & I begrudgingly admit that they may have saved me from becoming a hoarder.

Considerations for particular areas

A. Closet: if it has holes, stains, you have multiples, it's no longer fashionable, or it doesn't fit- toss it! Especially if it is TOO BIG. Please don't save something "in case you gain the weight back". That is just sending bad JuJu into the universe. Now, if you have some clothes you are close to fitting into and that is a goal, by all means put them at the front of your closet, but limit yourself. A great reward for achieving your goal would be to get yourself some new clothes!

B. Kitchen- expired food and spices; either use or donate things that are getting close to the date; silverware, stained Tupperware, fading cups, towels that are falling apart (make them rags or toss them if you have too many of those)

C. Office- papers from old jobs that you do not need (i.e. save your tax forms, etc); ESPECIALLY if you do not have good memories to the job or left unsatisfied!

D. Bathrooms- old loofas, lotions, creams, perfumes. Use it or lose it!

Good luck- may the Purging God's be with you!!!!

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