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National Procrastination Week

Have you fallen off the wagon, gotten off track, or put off your goals from the beginning of the year? Have you not been able to get in your workouts or make it to the gym? Of course, there are legit obstacles, and unforeseen circumstances, but ... take a moment and ask yourself if you have become a victim of the habit of procrastination?!

If you have, congratulations for being real; you are not alone. Don't beat yourself up- everyone has procrastinated at one time or another. I procrastinated at making this post!!!!!

What is procrastination? Oxford defines is as: the action of delaying or postponing something. But why? Many experts believe it doesn't actually have to do with the task at hand, but with fear, anxiety, being overwhelmed, or a task that is too boring.

I'm going to continue to expand upon this more this week, but here are some starting points, and a few actions to take:

1. Acknowledge the stress and/or fear- what is the trigger that is actually preventing you from doing what you know, want, and need to do?

2. Downsize your original action plan, or break up your long term goal- make it challenging enough to be worthy of your time, but reachable. Small accomplishments will sustain your motivation to carry on!

3. DO SOMETHING! Take action. Any action is better than no action at all. I could go on and on about the 1% rule, the 5s rule, the 2 min rule (I'll expand upon these "rules" later this week). But really, stop reading (maybe give me a like first), and choose to take action. Get up and walk around, do a 2-5 minute workout, take a shower and stretch, or lay out your workout clothes for tomorrow. Anything- and check back in tomorrow!

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