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National Take a Walk in the Park Day

Did you know?

  • Taking less than 5,000 steps per day is considered sedentary (1)

  • On average people take 2000 steps per mile (see step convertor here)

  • Walking can boost your creativity by up to 60% (2)

  • You could eliminate up to 500 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions per year by walking, instead of driving, 10 miles per week (3)

Take Action: Get on out there in honor of today's National Take a Walk in the Park day!

If the weather is not conducive to take a walk outdoors today, you could celebrate the day by walking indoors (on a treadmill or just in your family room) by taking a virtual tour through a park instead!

Virtual tour links:

If you missed my post about other benefits of walking, considerations, tips, and safety practices for walking outdoors, you can see it here


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