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National Walk Around Things Day

Figuratively "walking around" health related issues, or ignoring family health history most certainly won't make them go away. You are in fact just delaying the inevitable for your health related injuries and sicknesses.

Many people fall into the trap of exercise avoidance because they have not found a way to enjoy it, they don't have the knowledge to do it right, are frustrated from a lack of success, struggle with time management and prioritization, and are too stressed/fatigued.

Strategies for overcoming these pitfalls; accountability systems (include using a buddy system, working with a trainer, and utilizing habit tracker), finding a community with common values and goals, and proper exercise progression (slow and gradual).

"Comfort is a stance of avoidance rather than the pursuit of excellence" ~ Craig D. Lounsbrough

Step outside your comfort zone & take action today

LITERALLY celebrate the day by "walking around things":

  • Get out and walk around a track or path

  • Walk around a mall

  • Walk around your house

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