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Procrastination: aka FEAR

If procrastination isn’t about putting off a task (or in this case the workout), and is actually about fear, then the first step is to recognize, then accept, and finally squash those fears!

Common Fitness Fears:

  • You won’t be successful in your goals, and/or how people will perceive you if you don’t accomplish them

  • You might look silly or awkward

  • You may get injured

  • You will have to wear certain attire

  • You won’t know how to do it correctly or be incompetent

  • You will be fatigued

  • You will be missing out on other priorities or don’t have time

  • You will be overwhelmed

  • You will smell or sweat too much

Take a moment. Do any of these resonate? Do you have any other fears or anxieties that hold you back? What are they?

Fear can paralyze. It’s true. BUT- fear can also create heightened states, and your brain really can’t tell if you are scared or excited; you can use this energy and transfer it for the power of good!

Do not ignore the fear and shove it deep down inside- that monster will tear you up.

Mel Robbins was able to apply her 5-second rule to fear and anxiety (and procrastination).

Consider what you fear is, what you are going to do, and create an “anchor thought”- something happy that will happen. Imagine yourself in a new outfit, confident at work, energetic playing sports, with your kids, or grandkids, etc. Shorter term, the pride you will feel in accomplishing something new or tough.

  1. Count down 5-4-3-2-1

  2. Use anchor thought to shift your mindset from anxiety to excitement

  3. Take your action

We may not be able to control what emotions arise, but through practice, we do have the power to re-direct the energy from these emotions as well as our re-actions (or actions)!

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