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Active Holiday Traditions

We all have our family traditions around food, etc., why not create and start a tradition that involves movement? I am sure a lot of you have heard of "Turkey Bowl" home football games that families and friends typically play around Thanksgiving.

Most of our family aren't huge football fans (minus my fiancé and my youngest) but we tried it out this year and played a quick game of flag football, in the rain no less! It was a lot of fun, and even more fun than I had expected! It was a great workout and break from cooking, etc. in our day.

Why not create another game, etc. that you and your family can play during the winter holidays? Silly relay races? Minute to win it games? (I gotta give a shout out to my fiancé, Patrick, for always coming up with fun creative activities for the kids)!!!!

If the relay race idea sounds fun and you have children around, why not try flipping the script and have the kids create the relays for the adults, or simply let them lead a game!

Mandatory dance breaks? (Our family typically rocks out to music while cooking and we try to squeeze in a bit of dancing when we are our meals!)

I'd love to hear about what kinds of activities your friends and family have!!!


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