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Fit Family

There is a time in our lives where we shift from playing to being overtly competitive, and unfortunately, we lose the FUN in fitness. Suddenly, exercise becomes a tedious chore, a pressure our family, peers, or society place on us - or even worse - an undesired necessity that we only pursue to avoid or delay health complications.

National Exercise with Your Child Week is a chance to promote and encourage fitness as a family, and bring back the FUN!

Some ways you can have fun with your family include:

- Explore the outdoors by hiking, walking, jogging, biking, roller blading, skateboarding, ice/roller skating, swimming, volleyball, badminton, etc.

- Family sports: basketball, soccer, kickball, field hockey, lacrosse, floor/ice hockey or broom ball, dodgeball, pickle ball, tennis, golf, disc golf, rock climbing, martial arts, flag football, hoola hooping or hopscotch, etc.

- Non-traditional games: freeze tag, laser tag, paint ball, 4-square, gaga, dance parties, board and card gamest that include exercises, obstacle courses, the floor is lava, etc.

- Work out together strength training, yoga, pilates, pound, or other cardio classes or videos

Get creative and have fun!!!

(Family Hopscotch Agility)

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