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Jan 24: 2023 goals, are they S.M.A.R.T??

I'm just checking in to see how ya'll are doing with your fitness goals this year? We are halfway through January- have you set your goals and started to implement an action plan?

Are you goals S.M.A.R.T?

Be very specific and consider:

  • What exactly is it that you want to achieve

  • How will you know and be able to measure your progress

  • Is it realistic & attainable? Are you willing to make lasting lifestyle changes? Does it call on willpower alone? Is it healthy?

  • Does it relate to where you are in your life? I'm not saying to settle, but sometimes we get stuck thinking about what our bodies were like when we were in high school (and now we have matured and have different body types). Many people also consider training strategies that they used for a sport they performed when they were athletes & this is not conducive to current new goals. We've changed: Our Metabolisms change, Time Management needs change, and our OVERALL NEEDS have changed.

  • What is the timeframe you want to achieve this in? Guess what. You leave it open ended ... it is likely .... the urgency will fade .. and you will be .... less likely .... to reach .... your goals. What I am getting at is-- set a timeframe with checkpoints to re-evaluate and improve your action plan!

Take a quick refresher & review my post last year: S.M.A.R.T Goals

Or, procrastinate no more & set up a consultation!

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