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January 2023 Weekly Recipes (week #3)

Here are my picks for this weeks National Soup Month, National Slow Cooking Month, & National Oatmeal Month!


Cal: 318kcal | Fat 4.2g | CHO 47.5g | Fiber 6.1g | Pro 24.8g

I love this for breakfast- a little tangy & tart & enough fuel for me to be ready for my morning clients!

Slow Cooker:

Cal: 208kcal | Fat .5g | CHO 48g | Fiber 6g | Pro 3g

This is something I can throw together super quick before heading in to work and have a yummy and healthy side dish ready for dinner!


Seafood Soup (

Cal: 374kcal | Fat 8g | CHO 15g | Fiber 2g | Pro 51.5g

This is such an amazing dish, it is a great way to splurge on yourself and make your dinner special, plus it is protein packed!

Enjoy & please share some of your favorites as well!

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