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National Opposite Day 2023: Contralateral Exercises

In honor of national opposite day, I am going to highlight some contralateral exercises that could make a great addition to your workout routine!

Contralateral: (of the body) pertaining to, situated on, or coordinated with the opposite side (1)

Without diving deep into the science of it, we naturally move and activate muscles that oppose each other on a regular basis. Look at walking: when you step forward with your right foot, your left arm swings forward activating the myofacial sling system.

Myofacial slings give us stability and mobility when various muscles, ligaments, & fascia that are interconnected work together. It also helps by providing force production, speed and power. (2)

When performing a contralateral exercise, you will use a load (weight or resistance) on the opposite side of the body part you are working.

Let's take look at some fun contralateral exercises!

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