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National Walking Day

On the first Wednesday of April 2007, the American Heart Association launched the first annual National Walking Day to promote healthier lifestyles.

Did you know?

  • Walking has been most popular form of exercise (1)

  • People have been walking more since the pandemic (2,3)

  • The average speed for the an adult is around 3.0 mph (4)

  • Walking at 3.0 mph, it would take 346 days of continuous walking to walk around the world (24,901 miles —>8300 hrs)

National Stress Awareness Month:

Guess what else? Physical activity is known to improve mood & sleep, as well as decrease anxiety & depression!

Recommendations for walking:

150 min/ week total or 30 minutes x 5 days per week

Check out my previous walking posts below about walking:

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Take some time for yourself, or better yet, spread the word and grab a co-worker, buddy, or family member(s) and get out there and go for a 30 minute walk!


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