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Outdoor Winter Cardio

Rather than taking another trip to the gym or using the treadmill at home why not TRY out playing with your kids outside or going for a hike? Deep snow? TRY snowshoeing or maybe even take a shot at going cross country skiing!

Enjoying nature in the winter is a wonderful chance to spend some quality time with your loved ones or to take an escape alone from your busy day.

Playing with kids in the snow can become a great workout. When building a snow for you are trudging through the deep snow, digging and shoveling, and could even be rolling huge snowballs.

If you are not game to build something TRY sledding! Once you have a safe path up that sledding hill, you can warm-up with a hike up & eventually run back up the hill. If you are really looking for good cardio- TRY pulling the kiddos around, OR pull them up the hill!

No matter- take advantage and make the bets of the weather that we have. Disconnect & reconnect with nature. Most importantly stay safe & have fun!!!

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