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I can easily talk myself out of doing something that deep down inside my heart desires. Some of the ways I self sabotage are:

Perfectionism. This paralyzes me and prevents me from starting

Lack of self confidence. Fear of what I will look like, how I will be judged & creating my own anxiety surrounding what other people will think (even if I tell myself I don't care what other people think).

Procrastination with distractions. I look at the big picture and feel overwhelmed with the all or nothing mindset and find other more important projects. (perfectionism again)

The way I slay:

  1. Working on my mindset- reminding myself with affirmations that I am a capable person of growing, changing and improving, and that I am not defined by failures or setbacks.

  2. Learning from my mistakes & setbacks-I do this with myself, my kids, & my clients. Whenever something doesn't go as planned we take a moment to reflect & adjust

  3. Looking at the positive- once I have been able to stop my imagination from going down the rabbit hole of 'failure', I take a moment to recognize anything that is positive in a situation, no matter how small. It may be the one baby step I took, or the one person I impacted, or the fact that I smiled and was able to move on.

  4. Starting smaller- yes, I am a goal setter. I like to look at what I want long term, but when I feel my chest and throat get tight & start getting anxious thinking about the million things I know I should do and feel overwhelmed I set them aside, both the ones on paper, and the ones in my mind & I focus my energy on the smaller goals and objectives. Often I need micro goals, especially when my personal, family, and work to-do lists are growing at an exponential rate.

Are you selling yourself short? What health and fitness goals you have been putting off? What is holding you back?

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