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Tips to stay warm during your winter workouts

  • Make sure you have a good pair of water proof boots and warm socks.

- Wool/Smart Wool or winter running/hiking socks that wick away moisture will help keep your feet warm and dry, & I they do get wet (from sweat or water), they do not lose their insulating ability.

- Look for kicks that will help keep your feet warm, most winter and hiking boots have a temperature rating. You will need to help your socks keep your feet dry with water proof rated materials such as Gore-Tex.

  • I know you may gravitate toward that tried and true comfy sweatshirt of yours as a layer under your coat but try out these few layers instead.

- Wear a synthetic moisture wicking layer as your base layer, we want to try and keep our body as dry as those feet!

- Your next layer (or two if it is colder) can be a lightweight fleece type material that is designed for warmth.

- Remember, you can always remove a layer if you get hot. Nobody wants to trudge all the way back to the care (or home) to get an additional layer of clothing, but it would be a great way to get extra steps in! haha

- Your outer layer or shell should be something water proof to keep that wet snow out and warm enough (with your inner layers) for the elements.

- Worried about getting too hot? Try using a ski or snowboarding shell, most of them have zipper vents to help cool you off.

  • Wear a mask or scarf to keep your face warm and don’t forget your hat and good pair of gloves (preferably water resistant if you can).

  • If you are going hiking or snow shoeing try purchasing and using hiking/walking poles to help you keep your balance. We all know how treacherous hidden ice or bumps under the snow can be!

  • Here are some additional tips and tips and recommendations from the Chicago Tribune (1)

Have fun out there and stay warm!

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