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5-4-3-2-1 Go!

Getting started can be the toughest, but it’s the most essential part. It doesn’t have to be pretty, certainly not perfect, it just needs to happen. Don't worry about planning or thinking about your desires, and work towards an action mindset.

Have you heard of the “5 Second Rule” developed by Mel Robbins?

She came up with this strategy when trying to overcome her unwanted habit of hitting the snooze button in the morning- she counted down 5-4-3-2-1 & jumped up out of bed, and continued to do this day after day until she complete broke the snooze habit. 5 seconds is significant

In her books and presentations, she explains a few reasons why counting backwards specifically is important:

  1. It requires more concentration (and wakes the prefrontal cortex- needed for learning new things and behavior change)

  2. The number 1 has finality, vs. counting upwards

  3. 1 acts as a prompt, or starting ritual, that can either trigger you to start or shift gears

How to apply this to taking action and working out:

  • The moment you start to contemplate if you should exercise- count backwards from 5 & then take action. The amount to time doesn't matter right now, just put on your shoes, grab your gear and go!

  • If you are considering stopping early, count to 5 and pick a marker (a visual spot or a set amount of time) & make it to there, then repeat as many times as you can. .

  • If you are struggling with choosing which piece of equipment to start with- 5 count & go with your first instincts! SOME action is better than NO action.

You get the idea, now countdown from 5 and TAKE ACTION:

  • Take a quick break at work for water , walk or do some stairs

  • Make a phone call while out on a walk

  • Take a time-out to perform some exercises for 2- 5 minutes; you can even do some while scrolling and reading!

Need some exercises??? Circuit through these 4 exercise for 15 seconds 2-5 times

Jumping Jax x 15s

Squat x 15x

Skaters x 15s

Burpies x15s

~ Tell what you did to go from wanting to doing ~

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