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Procrastination & Fitness Fears

Have you lost sight of your fitness goals you set at New Year's, or worse, never even started at all? Been putting them off? Excuses, legit reasons, whatever it may be- this week is about squashing procrastination!

“It really has nothing to do with time management ... as I tell people, to tell the chronic procrastinator to 'just do it' would be like saying to a clinically depressed person, ‘cheer up.’” ~Joseph Ferrari (1)

Procrastination seems to be more of a protection mechanism from having to do something unpleasant, that just exacerbates the anxiety by layering on guilt and shame.

The first step is to face your fears. Some common ones include:

  • Failure: self pressure, or the fear of how people will perceive you if you don’t accomplish your goals

  • Appearance: you might look silly or awkward

  • Injury: fear of getting hurt

  • Self-Consciousness: worried about attire or body image

  • Incompetence: not knowing what to do or how (skill

  • Effort: it might be difficult & fatiguing

  • Guilt: that you will be missing out on something or should be focusing on other priorities

  • Overwhelmed: the task is too daunting, focusing on too much, or setting too big of a goal

  • Hygiene: you will smell or sweat too much

Next: Get Going! Move! Take Action!

  • Start Small: 2-5 minutes a day

  • Be Accountable: recruit a friend, join a group, or work with a trainer

  • Break Down Your Tasks: it's wonderful to set long term goals, but then breaks those down to short term goals, and even further into small objectives

  • Face your fears: self-help or talk to someone about some of the deeper struggles

  • Try Different Strategies: 5-4-3-2-1-Go! or reframe your fear by using an anchor & shift your perception from anxiety to excitement

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1. Blaschka, Amy. "You're Not Lazy; You're Scared: How To Finally Stop Procrastinating". Forbes. Apr 03, 2021.

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