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6 Ways To Resist Food Temptations At The Holidays

Temptations are everywhere right now! Here are some tips to avoid sabotaging your progress towards your health and fitness goals!

  1. Arm Yourself: go into your holiday gatherings knowing what treats you are willing to pass up & which ones you just can't pass on. Having this in mind, you can conserve calories by eating extra clean earlier in the day, and/or get some exercise or activity in to "earn" your indulgences. Just make sure not to skip meals; this is not a way of conserving & will likely lead to binging.

  2. Back-up Plans: if you have eating restrictions or special diets, prepare snacks and food to take with you, or alternative beverages. Also, be prepared to say "no thank you".

  3. Pay attention to portions: be aware of serving sizes & stick to proper portions!

  4. Buddy up: have an accountability buddy to keep you stay on track. If you are worried about offending hosts by passing up certain foods, you can plan ahead to split your plate with a pal.

  5. Hydrate: I'm always saying to hydrate, but trade your high-calorie beverages for water, or make sure you have plenty of water between cocktails and meals.

  6. Healthy foods first: stick to your balanced meal plans & make a pact with yourself (or your accountability buddy) that you will not have any treats until you have fulfilled your fruit, veggie & protein needs.

Prepare instead of deprive yourself, and remember what the holidays are really about - being with your loved ones!

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