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February 2023 Weekly Recipes (Week #1)

February is National Grapefruit, Snack food, Cherry & Great American Pie, & Bake For Family Fun Months! I have some fabulous recipes from some of my favorite food bloggers, authors, chefs, etc. from each of these categories!

Roasted Vegetable Butternut Squash Lasagna

(by Ambitious Kitchen)

Calories 300 | Fat 14.7g | CHO 28.7g | Fiber 3.1g | Pro 15.4g

Our family doesn't need a national month to have fun & bake together, but certainly had an outstanding time making this PHENOMENAL lasagna. I have a confession though, out of all the time I have cooked with my Italian Grandma, this was the first time I have ever made one myself! I have to say this vegetarian wonder was comforting, filling, and oh so flavorful. 10 stars!!

Grapefruit Alaska

(by Taste of Home)

Calories 152 | Fat 6g | CHO 24g | Fiber 2g | Pro 3g

While I am making confessions, I will admit the rookie I am struggled with removing the membranes. I think if I had my kids helping me with this one they would haven't made 1/2 the mess I did, BUT it still turned out fantastic. I loved the light, warm, sweet tartness of this dessert and will certainly make these again.

Cherry Pie Bars

(by Ambitious Kitchen)

Calories 167kcal | Fat: 6.9g | CHO: 24.3g | Pro: 2.4g

This was such a satisfying balanced dessert. My kiddos said it reminded them of their Grandma Marilyn's desserts, who may I say makes hands down some of the best pies ever!!! And I will just leave it with .. my son, who I never thought would even try it because it has cherries and oatmeal & is quite possibly one of the pickiest eaters on Earth, asked for seconds. <<microphone drop>>


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