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National Soup It Forward Day 2023

We just went from 50 degree weather to a snowstorm in two days, & nothing is better than a hearty, comforting, warm bowl of soup after shoveling and/or playing in the snow!

This year, I decided to highlight one that my girls love:

This recipe makes 4-6 serving; the bowl I had (pictured) was satisfying and serves 6.

Here are the estimated calories I had when I added the recipe to myfitnesspal of the soup (not including the biscuit; note that calories may vary due to varying ingredients and measurements):

1/6 Serving: 349 Cal | 18.6g Fat | 18g CHO | 3.4g Fiber | 25.3g Pro |

1/4 Serving: 524 Cal | 27.9g Fat | 27g CHO | 5.1g Fiber | 38g Pro |

Below are links to other soup recipes I have posted in previous blogs:

Golden Turmeric Chickpea Chicken Soup (by Ambitious Kitchen):

Mexican Chicken Soup (by

Roasted Cauliflower Soup (by Damn Delicious)

Vegan Curried Carrot Soup (by Zestful Kitchen)

Seafood Soup (by Zestful Kitchen)

Healthy Italian Wedding Soup (by The Clean Eating Couple)

Enjoy, & please share some of YOUR favorite recipes!!!

1. Chungah, Rhee. "Chicken Pot Pie Soup". Damn Delicious. Feb 22, 2019.

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