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Fitting in your WORKOUT

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

I don't have enough time. I can't get to the gym. My kids are home sick. The weather is bad. I have too many other high priorities...

I'm going to be honest, I have squeezed some crazy strange workouts over the last 20 years on my own while at home.

When I started out, it was really difficult to work out at the gym where I really was never off the clock or I just wanted to get home after 12 hours. Then having kids I had to get even more creative to "squeeze in" my exercises.


The other day we were cleaning, and I had mentioned I still wanted to get in a quick workout before our movie night, and my littlest one reminded me that we can do both at the same time. Not only have I been successful at being creative and finding ways to "practice what I preach", but having my kiddo put it into action without prompting was the best!

It's probably more difficult to get the kids to do the "chores" than it has ever been to recruit them to do exercises with me. They must have thought I was crazy and therefore that it would be fun, so working out while doing housework is not uncommon in our home. It's all about habits, consistency, small changes. Something is better than nothing.

On a side note: as we were exercise/cleaning, I was envisioning Ralph Macchio (wax on/wax off) and other ways we could do exercises- which inspired us as a family to watch the original Karate Kid that night. It is still is a phenomenal movie & they loved it!

Try it (here are some ways I have added exercises into my daily tasks):

  • Laundry 1: if you have stairs, I will run up one article of clothing at a time to put it away in various rooms

  • Laundry 2: when folding or putting away clothes do an exercise between (squats, push-ups, etc) or walking lunges to the room you are putting the clothes away in

  • If you are cardio equipment you can do a 1-2 minute interval & then dust, windex, or clean for 2-3 minutes (if not then do some kind of body weight exercise like Jumping Jax, Burpies, or Mountain climbers)

  • Dishes: work on balancing on 1 foot while washing dishes (only if you are able to do so without breaking your dishes- perhaps non-glass items)

Share if you have found fun way to fit in a workout- or better yet post a picture!

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