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Goodies for Gatherings

Updated: Jan 13

Looking for some fun recipes to take to your holiday get togethers? I've put together a list of a few to look over. Let me know what you think!

This Healthy Table (by Emily Wilson)

Calories 98; Fat 4g; CHO 14g; Fiber 2g; Protein 1g

Jessica Levinson (Jessica Levinson)

Calories 200; Fat 4g; CHO 35g; Fiber 3g; Protein 6g; 1/15th of casserole

JoyFoodSunshine (Laura Sandford)

Calories 53.3; Fat 1.3g; CHO 8.7g; Fiber 1.7g; Protein 2g

Well Plated (Erin Clarke)

Calories 169; Fat 5g; CHO 21g; Fiber 4g; Protein 11g

Feel free to share some of your favorite plates!!!

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