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Gratitude & Support

I have an unusual request: Take a breath. You are obviously taking a moment to read this, so take a moment longer; a little extra break from the hustle & bustle to consider this- in this moment what are you grateful for?

This time of year, we can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle & often times experience immense stress at a time when we are supposed to be so joyful and jolly.

I mean come on, there are so many stressors! We have family (ahem- I love all of you, but yes, ya'll can be stressful), finances, social pressures, food restrictions, time management, flu season, end of year work pressures, and worst of all- unmet personal expectations (we are our own worse enemy after all).

I invite you to take a pause and try a couple of things:

1. Make a gratitude statement. Even when things are at their worst, there is always something (as minute as it may be) that you can have gratitude toward. It may be as simple as the roof over your head or clothes you are wearing.

~ I am grateful for the people in our lives that have given my family so much support and love as we have been establishing new roots over the past few years (as well as through a pandemic).

2. Share your gratitude with someone in your life. Maybe it is a loved one, friend, family member, or a person you just met on the street. Tell someone that you are grateful and appreciative of their kind words, assistance, support, or deed.

~ I am grateful for all of the encouragement my loved ones and clients have given me to step outside of my comfort zone, challenge my knowledge, and pursue new things.

What and/or who are YOU grateful for?

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