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Hydration Habits

Updated: Jan 13

There are many reasons why water is important, but in regards to exercise it helps regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, protect spine & other sensitive tissues, rid wastes through perspiration and bodily going to the bathroom. (1)

Food & Nutrition Board recommendations for water intake (2):

Women- 91 oz

Men- 125 oz

You need more if you are active, and or exercising in heat & should drink BEFORE you are thirsty.

Hydrations Hints from Ace Fitness:

  1. Drink 17-20 oz water 2 hours BEFORE exercise

  2. Drink 7-10 oz every 10-20 min DURING exercise

  3. Drink 16-24 oz for every pound of body weight lost AFTER exercise


Tips for drinking more water (through beverages & food):

  • Set a daily goal! Measure what you actually drink in a day & try to only increase an additional 8-10 oz in the beginning (so you are not going to the bathroom every 5 minutes). Also try to drink the additional fluids before dinner so you are not up all night either!

  • Pre-determine how much you will drink at each meal

  • Set reminders to have water between meals on your phone or watch

  • Use a water bottle with a pre-determined amount of water so you can easily monitor your water intake

  • Eat more foods that contain water (melons, lettuce, cabbage, celery, zucchini)


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