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Meditation for Stress Management

Eliminating stressors from your life is not always possible. Meditation provides many physical, mental & emotional benefits, and is a great tool for stress management.

I have been meditating over 20 years. ever since my doctor had recommended meditation for stress & pain management when I was struggling with IC . I have been practicing meditation regularly ever since.

If I need a mid-day energy boost (or time out), I love to listen to Andrew Johnson's Power Nap. His Scottish voice is calming & the app gives allows me to choose a long or short induction, as well as ending with awakening or sleep. Follow the link here to try it out!

My favorite type of body scan meditation is Progressive Relaxation, and I used this most when I have struggled with pain management, insomnia, and anxiety with sports performance. You start by learning how to relax your body by tensing individual muscles & relaxing them. Through regular practice you can learn how to relax your muscles without needing to tense them first!

This video gives a great visual of the muscles you are focusing on.

Here is a link to a progressive meditation I have used for literally over a decade when I am really struggling to fall asleep. I will be honest, the sound quality is not the best, but it is still my favorite go to meditation!

My kids have been meditating with me since they were toddlers. I started by doing very short meditations with them either when I was exhausted and needed a time-out myself, or if they needed to calm down. They each have apps they like to listen to when they go to sleep as well.

Some popular apps that are suitable for kids are headspace and calm. They have monthly subscriptions, but free trials as well.

I started by teaching my sids progressive relaxation with these kid videos:

Try out one of the links or apps & share if you have a favorite!!

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