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Preparing for the holidays

The holiday season is in full swing. Try it: ask yourself, what health & fitness obstacles do you foresee this holiday season?

Some common obstacles include:

- Over scheduling & time management
- Eating out
- Stress or guilt eating
- Aversion to cold weather
- Traveling & limited access to equipment
- Social pressures
- Exposure to holiday goodies & treats

Strategies for overcoming obstacles:

PREPARE. Pre-plan snacks and meals so you stay on track, take healthy snacks with you on the road, and look ahead at menus or search for new healthy recipes.
BALANCE. Don't deprive yourself, and focus on balance. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat your healthy vegetables and proteins first.
JUST SAY "NO". If peer pressure is an issue, practice saying no! Come up with responses ahead of time to be polite (and don't feel like you have to explain yourself).
BUDDY UP. Have an accountability buddy or partner that you can share food with and keep each other on track!

BANK CALORIES. Get in extra exercise to account for your splurges you know you cannot resist.
TRAVELING. Take breaks to walk and stretch when on the road for long drives. You can also take small bands or do bodyweight workouts either on the go, or when you arrive.
SQUEEZE IT IN. Fit in 5-10 minute workouts in your day. Five minutes is better than zer0!
NEW TRADITIONS. Start new healthy traditions to your family or workplace that do not revolve around food. Go for walks, play games that involve movement, and do activities with your kids or grandkids.

SLEEP. Make sleep a priority. Overextending yourself leads to burnout and illness. Schedule your electronics to shut down and set a consistent wake-up time every day.

SELF CARE. Don't forget about YOU. Take scheduled time-outs or impromptu breaks to recharge and destress. Try a yoga break, stretching, rolling, or simply a few minutes of breathing.

Remember, you don't have to sacrifice your progress or your health and fitness goals just because it is the holiday season.

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